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A refrigerator is the most important part of the kitchen. You need one to keep your meats, dairy, juices and vegetables and fruit cold before it is time to eat or cook with them. A refrigerator that does not work can lead to melted or thawed food that will have to be thrown away into the garbage. You do not want to throw away good food into the garbage.

That is the reason it’s important to address refrigerator issues immediately! You will want to call a refrigerator repair service in Alexandria, VA that offers same-day service to fix refrigerator and freezer problems.

Here’s the deal. You’ve come to the right place! Noble Alexandria Appliance Repair can to diagnose and repair all basic refrigerator problems during an initial appointment on the same day you call. Our repairmen work fast to ensure your refrigerator or freezer is running and so there is no food that will need to be thrown out in the garbage.



Our company gets more calls about strange refrigerator sounds than all other issues for freezers or fridges. The reoccurring cause of noises coming from a refrigerator is the evaporator fan motor or condenser fan motor on the inside of the freezer. Try to identify the source of the sound prior to calling us so we are able to ensure our technicians bring the right tools and appliance parts to repair the problem.


Our trained appliance technicians will correct leaking refrigerators too. The most common causes for a leaking refrigerator is a busted water inlet valve or an issue with the door latch or closure. We stock our service vans with the necessary parts and tools to finish repairs in the initial appointment!


There are three main reasons a residential refrigerator does not run. The most obvious reason is if it is not plugged in or if there’s a tripped circuit breaker. The other reasons are either a temperature control malfunction or something is wrong with the compressor overload relay. Please ensure the refrigerator is plugged in and all circuit breakers are on before calling us.


An ice maker that does not make ice isn’t good for much. But we can fix it! The main problems with ice makers are temperature control in the freezer, broken fill tubes or a broken water inlet valve. There are times ice makers work too slow or make bad smelling ice. We can correct those problems too!


Temperature issues are common when it comes to a refrigerator that is not working. A warm refrigerator is often because of a malfunctioning air inlet damper. A refrigerator that is too cold is due to a issue with the temperature control or thermistor. This can be the same for a freezer that’s too cold. We will repair freezer and refrigerator temperature issues on top models and brands.


The water dispenser on a refrigerator won’t dispense water when the water inlet valve or dispenser actuators do not work right. A water dispenser problem is not a common refrigerator repair service. However, we can fix it! We are equipped with the manufacturer replacement parts and tools to repair water dispenser problems on GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Sears, Whirlpool and several other brands of refrigerators.


You could experience condensation issues and leaks with your refrigerator if the door latch or closure is broken. Our technicians will diagnose problems and fix seals, hinges and gaskets so that the refrigerator door opens and closes right. A broken refrigerator door can result in loss of temperature and spoiled food. We can also replace and repair burnt-out bulbs in a freezer or refrigerator.